Ingredients :

2 med Onions

2 oz. Butter

2 oz. Flour

1 pt. Stock or water.

6 lge, Vine Tomatoes

3 Red Peppers



Melt the Butter in a heavy lidded pot. Slice the Onions and cook gently with the lid on until soft.

Put the Tomatoes into a separate pot with a tablespoon of water and let them cook gently until collapsed and soft

Skin the Peppers either by holding the pepper on a long fork over a gas flame and blackening the skin or halving them and putting under a very hot grill until black.

Either way wash off all the blackened skin and add the peeled peppers to the onion mixture.

Stir the 2oz. of flour into the pot, stir well over a gentle heat, add the water or stock, sieve in the tomatoes to exclude the skins and pips and bring to the boil.

Liquidize this mixture and season carefully before serving


After soup try MONGOLIAN BEEF

Ottobre 2015

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(ricetta base)

1-  preparare un soffritto con olio o burro e scalogno , cipolla , carota sedano etc...
2- aggiungere i pomodori  ( crudi , pelati , passati etc..) e il brodo vegetale o di pollo
sobbollire quanto basta  e passare tutto al minipimer

3- preparare a parte 2 cucchiai di farina sciolti in un bicchiere di acqua tiepida
4- aggiungere al composto , portare ad ebollizione mescolando salare , pepare etc...

per renderla pił liquida aggiungere il brodo
per renderla pił spessa aggiungere farina o amido di mais

alcuni aggiungono anche un cucchiaio di panna da cucina